Find your voice.

2  years ago my arms started to go numb, I was so fatigued I could barely get up to fold laundry let  alone go for a bike ride or run. My body was in revolt and I couldn’t keep up at home or anywhere else.  As someone who has spent most of her adult life doing everything possible, this was a hard pill to swallow.  I didn’t let on to many people (anyone?) how really bad I felt or how nervous this made me.  How afraid I was that I wouldn’t be able to ever be active again, or pick up my kids, or …. the list here is endless.

The race I had been running my entire life had to stop. Abruptly.

When you can’t keep up, what do you do?

Find your voice.  (this song is my theme song right now )


Find what it is that keeps you up at night, the thing that keeps you moving, motivated, and energized–do that.

For those of you who just started following along… My noise, my voice right now is art.   For the first time  I feel like I’m finally doing what I should have done years ago.  Use my talent and vision and make beautiful things: Bring joy through creating.

This summer (after quite a few tests) I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Rather than let a label ruin me, I’ve decided to keep moving at a speed  I am comfortable with.  At a slower pace that will allow me to live my life and still do the things I love. If anything, the diagnosis gave me newfound determination to endure and continue down this path of creative living.

With this newfound determination in mind,  we purchased a kiln in June.  It is through a lot of trial and error that I am learning how to produce quality functional ceramic pieces.  I’m trying to be systematic in my approach.  I’m in this for the long haul so I’m having to re-learn a lot of bad habits.  Taking the time to do things “right” rather than rush through my projects.

Most of the summer was full of family fun like this hike up Iron Mountain. (Oregon really is the best!) So my time to create was limited.



But I did manage to find a little time for getting my garage studio organized.



And I started the laborious process of making test tiles (a lot of them in every clay color imaginable)




I also started to attempt a printing technique, called mono printing.   This process includes using under glaze or colored slip and applying it to a sheet of newsprint, then transferring the image onto un-fired clay.   I can’t wait to dive into this process a little more.

Here is the clay before I made it into a plate:



And then the finished plate:


I love how the plate turned out. The design is much more abstract than I was expecting and that’s what I love most about it.  What I don’t love is that it cracked. But like everything in life, it is a learning process and I know what I need to do differently so it doesn’t crack again.  Perhaps by this time next year I’ll be able to sell a few!


Thanks for following along on this journey.

Go to  for more of my art and life.







One thought on “Find your voice.

  1. Avie,

    What a life change, but it is just that – a change. Would love to have lunch with you some day – and I have time to travel your way.

    Wishing you clarity and insight…and good luck working with the pottery! Love ya.


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