Guest Contributor (Finally!)

I want to apologize to both Diana and our loyal readers for how long it took to post this. June’s theme is “center,” and my life has been a bit out of balance. I’m just now getting back on track. Here is Diana’s autobiography:


Diana Rose Ryan

About Diana:  “I live and breathe art. I use many different media and for many years thrived in drawing and painting. It wasn’t until 2002 that I fell in love with ceramics while studying at the University of Oregon. I spent an extra year of my college career in the ceramics studio learning how to make my own glazes and fire kilns. During the summer of 2007, I participated in a clay workshop at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado to further my ceramic work. My post college years have been spent inspiring others through teaching art and am constantly being inspired by my students as well. In 2012, I  participated in the First Annual South Corvallis Art Walk, a neighborhood event that supports local art and builds community. In subsequent years I have helped organize the event and connected with other art studios in the neighborhood. In 2014, I started opening up my personal home studio for private classes. I have since been expanding class offerings and holding workshops at the studio in addition to participating in the South Corvallis Art Walk. I am so grateful that I have followed my dream and found a wonderful place within my community. I truly love what I do!”

Stay tuned for Diana’s post on our May theme of “Loss.”


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